The really bad properties?

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      I have 3 examples of FSBO properties I found that are…well, they’re junk I think and I don’t know if it’s worth my time

      1. A dilapidated gas station 30 yards from an over pass. Can that be turned into a home? Its practically touching the highway

      2. A really large single family home. The home is 2,300 sqft and 4 stories. 130 years old, been vacant for years, really bad shape. Taxes are ~$15k/yr. I briefly spoke to the owner who inherited it, who I think is expecting ARV @_@
      I think he’d have to pay someone to take it

      3. A perfectly square building, in bad shape, all on it’s own on a corner near the highway. Who built this thing here, but more who would want to live in this thing?

      I know Tom says there’s no bad properties, just bad deals. Just putting out some of what I’ve e come across

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