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What My Customers Say?

by Jeb Fuller

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Testimonials - flip anything usa
Wake Up & Smell The Real Estate - Paperback and Kindle
Wake Up And Smell The Real Estate by Tom McKay
Available on Kindle and paperback at Amazon.com

I just wanted to share that I used your strategy and it worked.  I have done some wholesale deals and assignments before, but I bought your book and used your letter word for word.  I put a mobile home on a lot under contract for $16k and sold for $41k cash.  I had to do a double closing, but the net to me was $25k. 
I probably would have passed on this in the past, but I remember that you said there's "no bad real estate, only bad deals".
Thanks for all you do!!!

Why do I like and recommend this book so much? Because Tom shares actual numbers and details behind the deals he has done. He also provides templates for letters and contracts within the book which you can use, and if you buy the Kindle version, he also links to YouTube videos he has created where he expands on the topic even further.

There are very few professional investors who have established social proof like Tom has.

Great for a beginner investor. Tom SHOWS you his deals from his past experiences. He gives useful tactics on investing buy not buying anything unless it’s below market, topics like owner financing with the seller carrying the note and you can even try to sublease the property while having a longer escrow to save up for your down payment and get paid at the same time!! Tom also posts on his YouTube! READ THIS BOOK!

This book is a must read for any aspiring real estate property investor, Toms knowledge of the sector is second to none there is no experience like the experience of a life time. I’ve read the book cover to cover, I have been a subscriber of The flipanything USA channel since the early days, Tom is quite literally sharing wealth$ of information, All I can say is watch the channel read the book if your interested in Property&Real estate investing you will soon cotton on this man has been doing this game a very very long time and has experienced literally every issue you can face as a property investor from maintenance issues to finance issues. Get reading guys happy investing.

Tom is showing the easy way to make money in Real Estate.
I will try soon. I need to read one more time. I haven’t read a book for last 5 years. This is the book I read after 5 years. Try it.

real estate mentor usa in 2024
Testimonials - flip anything usa

I would recommend this book and watching Tom's videos to anyone and everyone that wants to be successful in real state even if your not going to get your license. It is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me in my real estate career. Thanks so much Tom for sharing all your insight and wisdom with us it is very much appreciated.

There are so many thrown together real estate books out right now, it's hard to find one that isn't just bait to lure you into their funnel and sell you courses, mentorships, events, etc.

This is different and more like a shot of espresso. No fluff, easy to read, short and to-the-point.

Wish more were like this.

I have just finished chapter 31 this evening, I was watching a video on youtube and you mentioned that we should email when finishing chapters.  
I am a licensed contractor in Prescott Arizona and have been loving the videos and enjoying the book. Thank you for providing real information in a time when it seems like everyone is flooding the media with bullsh*t.
Thanks again,

Hi Tom, 
Just found your YouTube channel and bought your book. Don't think I'll be able to put it down til its finished. I really can't thank you enough for sharing this information.  Take care sir.

I really enjoyed reading Tom’s book. He laid out steps of what do in finding and selling deals that you may find. Most books don’t go into detail of how to do it, they just give overview.

I found the contract part especially helpful as I have recently spent hours using a contract off the internet. I was unsure what information went in the right spots. Almost messed up my first wholesale deal.

This book and his YouTube channel is motivating and helps you realize that you can do it!

by Monoperty

Here's something no one else will show you but it helps crystalize what real estate investing involves. This book is a real life look into buying and selling properties to build wealth from a guy who is one of us. Not done reading it all yet but WOW!!! Thanks Tom.

Tom tells it like it is in this easy to read book and supports all the points with very helpful YouTube videos that you can click to right from your Kindle. I've learned more from this book than I have from spending hundreds of dollars on Real Estate Courses and other Training. Do yourself a favor and get this book and make it your goal to flip something within the next few days. I did and it feels great to start taking action.

Mr. McKay has created a compendium of applicable real estate investment ideas backed up by short anecdotal stories called “flashbacks” of his past experience outlining exactly what he recommends to the reader.

- Checkers

Finally a great real estate book with no gimmicks. Tom encourages you to take action & go out there and find that deal $$$. Skip the seminars & get this book!

- Amazon Customer

A soup to nuts book on REI that's really explained well in layman's terms by a 30+ year successful real estate investor. A no-brainer read for anyone visualizing a life of freedom from investing in real estate.

- Jeremiah Noswalc

MUST READ!!!! Skip the fluff skip the sales pitches and get straight to why you bought this book... a lot of creative deal broken down simple .. now I just gota take action.. 1 of the best real estate books I’ve read n I read a lot of em .. thanks Tom

- Jeff

This book is an action plan for bee real estate investors. Tom lays out a simple framework for getting started with an array of different styles of making a deal, no matter how much capital you have.

Tom doesn’t over complicate with jargon, math, rules, nor does he ever make it seem difficult. I’ve noticed a tendency in the more mainstream of RE books that encourage you to become an expert in 10 different things before making a deal. Not in Tom’s book.

I’ve read several RE books and listened to even more podcasts and Tom is the best, most simple gameplan.

- Pat C

I loved the book and you should buy it. It's simple and he gets to the point with no fluff. He's a seasoned investor with years of experience and I enjoyed his stories of success. Each chapter is laid out nicely with a learning point and a story to support it. It helped give me the confidence it need to really get into real estate investing and it will for you too. Thanks Tom.

- Amazon Customer

Hi Tom
Big fan of you and the channel. Also a massive fan of the book. I've read it 3 times already. Even highlighting parts and underlining key words you use.
I used the leapfrog technique but fell short on a car (still made the deal though) that I'm going to flip for a profit.
I was hoping to get the bonus chapter off you if that is possible please?
Keep up the good work!
Kind regards

- William Jones (Wales, UK)

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