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      All of those members that have taken all 4 classes you will be receiving an email with my personal cell phone. Text only and remember critical support only please. Save it for making and or saving a deal or something important not general please Of course I understand if its really important to you I will help. You must know value on your own you know what to do and you do know now the steps. Some of you might consider sharing a Propstream account It is useful but $97.00 a month please use my link if you do but you can probably do without. This covid stuff and an election year does not help the economy. By December elections will be over and I think back to a normal recovery and we will know what we got.

      When you get it text me your full name and write Gold example: Tom McKay/ gold
      This way I will save your cell number and name and you are a VIP!

      look for that email this week and if you don’t get it email directly your cell phone number and name and I will text you.

      Lets stay on point and make some money in the near future.

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      Glad everyone has had no problem reaching me when needing assistance. Holidays or not if it is important then text me.
      Merry Christmas

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