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      Avatar of Chris ParkerChris Parker

      Hey folks, we’d love to hear your success stories…you can leave the super specifics out but would like to hear how you have put to use Tom’s advice/teachings and made some money.

      For example:
      After using Tom’s way of real estate I was able to buy a house $40k under market value and realize a $35k profit.
      I found a great deal and assigned it to a friend, putting $5k in my pocket just for finding a deal!

      Let’s hear your story!

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      Avatar of Chris ParkerChris Parker

      Got my first call back on letters today – a guy in his 70’s that has other investments and has lost interest in the house. He is open to owner financing. Point being said, I found it really exciting that “Richard” called me and said, “Hey, I got your letter and would like to talk.” Pretty cool, we will see where it goes!

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      Avatar of Austin McNicholAustin McNichol


      I am in the process of closing on a SFH near my primary residence.

      Got it under market value and I’m hoping to be done soon. I don’t think I could have gotten this done without following Tom’s advice. Not only does Tom have real-world experience that is valuable to any investor, he excels at motivating his students to get out there and find the deal. My biggest hurdle was actually getting out there, perhaps I was afraid I’d screw up the deal or not be able to find a good purchase. But I started to think like Tom would and found one. I’m very happy with my decision to become a Gold Member.


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        Hey Austin and everyone.

        I am currently frustrated myself because I am both selling and buying in a fairly unstable market. But I have come so close now to 3 deals in the last 2 weeks and I am on the sidelines waiting for number one to screw up. Always keep trying never give up it is what separates us from the others. It is Sunday and I am birddogging online, since 6am, and have been texting back and fourth with brokers today as well Looking for those pocket listings. I am initiating another offer today also I have told a isting agent I would give the current buyer , in my way, $10,000 to simply assign to me.

        Always think of how to get it and dont be afriad to try new ways. Lets have a Tuesday and Thursday 7pm public YouTube Q&A as well as 10am public saturday and follow with a private Zoom at 11am all Central times.

        We are all going to make deals and make real money in 2020 the opportunities are coming just save and keep overhead low.


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