Should I start networking already??

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      I have seen some flips around my area and was thinking of approaching the real estate agents. I wanted them to explain values and how these types of deals get done in my neighborhood, what works what doesn’t. I’m where are the fact that I can be disclosing any of this info so far as the book and classes I’m taking, I don’t want to handicap my self.What do you guys think? Should I go threw with it??

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      You should absolutely talk to agent in in your target area as well talk to homeowners. Don’t be afraid to door knock and introduce yourself. If you have a business card from your job or own business make a good impression and leave your card with a note. “”(Remember me if you want to sell Jose) on the back.

      Or I often “I’m interested in buying your home Tom”

      Letting people know you are interested and meeting them gives you a leg up over the bright pink card that arrives saying the same.

      Get out there if the market is or seems dead just discipline yourself to meet people that live and work the neighborhood.

      You’ll learn a lot and may get an opportunity referred to you.


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      Thanks Tom , I have some agents that I will get ahold of

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