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      What should we do if we only get back letters asking full price with no terms from the first mailing?

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      “The one who cares less wins.”

      -page 82

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      So, don’t care? Interesting.

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      I reread that page & found it helpful for you.

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      So the answer to the original question is “nothing”. I was asking if there’s something that can be done, some kind of follow up. Change/expand the farm area, counter with offers 30% less than what they’re asking, ignore and continue to mailing the second group on your list, etc.
      I guess I’ve come to expect vague platitudes from this course anyway.
      “Know value”
      “Get the deal”
      “The one who cares less wins”
      And so on.
      Pardon me for asking for specific advice, I should’ve known better.

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      If you have a contract signed with a price on it, with the person’s phone number. Call them, be curious & ask questions. That’s what I would do. And the one who cares less wins…if they don’t budge, I’ll tell them the price I’m willing to pay if they change their mind in the future, then I’m out. I’d follow up later on.

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        You can’t control what a buyer wants and Hecmir is right. If you don’t get the response you want then move on. What I don’t know is if your doing your work right. I have never been “vague” about any answer. It’s mostly common sense What is unclear, because you were not specific, as to who are you writing? Are they non occupied owners?
        Have purchased more then 5 years ago? If you don’t know your not following instructions. If they bought recently near full price take them off your list. If they have owned for a long enough time they have equity then follow the instructions send a second letter and Let them know to let you know when they are interested.

        Sorry I am a little late getting back but Hecmir answered your question.

        Also understand the quality of your search is totally dependent on you doing the things I have shared.

        If you want to throw your hands up that fails the persistence you must conjure up. You’ll burn yourself out if you waste time writing the wrong people but that is on you. I get the impression that you skipped some some classes and Q&A because Hecmir has it down. Those are not vague instructions those are chapters you need to reread. Don’t give up but do the work! Thanks Hecmir

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