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      Hello everyone. I am struggling to understand the difference between non-owner occupied versus an investor when it comes to our first mailing. I have watched the videos and look through the comments, but still don’t have a clear understanding. They sound like the same type to me, so I must be misunderstanding. Could someone please try to clarify for me? I know from the training it mentioned that the first mailing to the non-owner occupied would be like the cream of the crop and that we would not want to mail to agents/investors until the last group. Again that is where I’m getting confused because they sound like the same type to me. I hope this is not a silly question, but for some reason I’m just missing the difference. Thank you for any additional information that you can let me know that would clarify. Thanks in advance for anyone’s input.

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      Eddie Non owner occupied and investors are the same. Your “cream of the crop” as I referred to the non owner occupied are those owners that are non owners that live out of the immediate area as well as owners of single properties in the area.

      But not Agents or multiple property owners/ investors.

      Local agents and local investors that realize you are farming an area in which they are active in can interrupt you deal making with others. If they think you are reaching out they may immediately start doing the same.

      I hope this distinction helps. Tom

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      Avatar of Jon WagnerJon Wagner

      That makes sense. You don’t want to alert the people who might try to swoop in and compete for deals against you.
      How do you figure out if the owner is an investor or an agent?

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