Question from Buyer – What do you do for a living.

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      I have gotten this question multiple times while trying to flip vacant lots. I got this from an RE agent for a lot I am looking at and from builders.

      The builders are more aggressive

      What do for a living
      How long have you owned it. This is the
      Most difficult to answer.

      Has anyone else gone through this?

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      Regarding questions:

      These are buyers and they really don’t need to be concerned but if you feel more comfortable answering this is easy.

      What do for a living? Answer: Whatever you do or I’m taking some time off.

      How long have you owned it? You can answer this many ways: pushback answer: Why? or Id rather not say are you interested in buying or not?
      Nice answer: It’s been in the family for years are you interested? Don’t waste time on questions that serves no useful purpose. Your offering a property up its always best to remain friendly but don’t give away information that leads them to think you are flipping.

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