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      Hi Everyone,

      A few things to announce:

      Success stories! We have some new ones so I am making both of my cell phones available because I want to be as responsive as possible when you need my help. Please note this additional number and remember to alway Text First and call if you don’t hear back in a reasonable amount of time. That can be minutes if it’s urgent you decide. My additional Cell 512-739-1881

      I am happy to announce I had another couple great success stories reported. One from Ruy who I will interview hopefully next week. Also I interviewed Eric today who has already bought a cash flowing trailer park and is about to close nice track of land for roughly $150,000 fully financed with unbelievable spectacular terms. He was going to simply assign but negotiated terms after getting the deal in writing that allowed him to close the deal with terms he is comfortable with. Now he can make payments resell for the maximum rather than split profits with a partner or take a lesser assignment fee.

      That video will be post after he closes his deal.

      Site and class changes for Founding Members 3

      The classes and the Q&A especially was awesome and will be available to members to review as it has. The access to this info will change slightly and will happen next week. As will all future Zoom meeting that occur.

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      Is owner financing always an option, or does the property have to be completely paid off first?

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      In general yes. Most first trust deeds that exist by a bank are not assumable.

      Wraps will usually trigger an acceleration of mortgage.

      In some cases you can owner finance with a second mortgage if the first is assumable.

      It is also important you be aware of a (contract for deed). It is a very cool instrument that can be a, work around, tool to accomplish nearly the same.

      Let’s talk about this in the next Zoom meeting.

      Also I had someone report that their email went straight to spam and they missed the zoom meeting. Please check your spam folder and move it to your inbox or do what you need to to make it look like it is something that won’t be thrown out.

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      Avatar of Ian HunterIan Hunter

      Thanks for the quick response, and clearing that up. I’m bummed I missed the meeting, I’ve been super busy dealing with a myriad of issues, evacuating due to wildfires being the most recent. However I did get the email, I just saw it too late. Do you know when the next meeting will take place?

      I feel like my weakest understanding is mostly surrounded by the financing aspects of a deal. But maybe I’m just not far enough along in the course. Regardless, I look forward to our next discussion. Thanks again

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      Zoom meeting tomorrow morning 10:00am central. Hopefully everyone got the email.


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      New testimonial from Eric,
      I think motivational for all of us.
      Thanks Eric


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      Latest Interview

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