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      Well I have a response, owner said yes to owner financing.
      numbers are looking well, I’m low balling the asking price, so this could go south quick. But hey I’m trying. and I’m about to throw the ‘covid’ excuse as to why my offer is low jajajaja..
      See the thing is, I loose sight of the numbers when I see an opportunity because I get so excited. My husband is not in town to go see the place with me, due to some ptsd issues I have, it’s hard to go to new places without a safety person on my side. With that being said, wish me luck people or send a calculator jaja.

      I just also wanted to share that deals are being made in this group and even though I personally haven’t closed on one YET, I am trying and am doing what I gotta do.

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      Eli that is great. Come to the zoom around 11:30 or when you can and let’s discuss.
      Text or call me if you need any help


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      Just curious to know what ended up happening? Did you you close a deal?

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