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      Tom, would you please consider creating a private FB group for paying members?

      I understand we have this forum, but a FB group is just easier for me to navigate and check in on daily. We can tag people and get pinged immediately when a new post is available. etc. etc.

      I’ve got questions that Im not sure fit into any of the current forum topics and would be too limited for its own thread also.

      Thanks for your consideration.

      If anyone else thinks this would be a good idea, please rally behind this and comment YES for a FB group

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      YES for a FB group, in addition to having this forum as well.

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      How did you add a profile pic?

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      Robert I am figuring it out. Not everyone has Facebook and I don’t want everyone to have to join Facebook but maybe.

      I’m going to zoom next and it will hold everyone and the contents will be recorded and available within the members area.

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      Avatar of Roberto EspositoRoberto Esposito

      Okay Tom, if anything, it would be a nice addition that couldn’t hurt, but of course that’s coming from me with a facebook account.

      I’m all ears for solutions.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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