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      I’ll be posting my deals(in contract) here to be held accountable, feel free to do the same.

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      I got a deal. Or so I strongly believe.
      SFR in Atlanta. Under contract for 89k. We’ve calculated 85k in repairs. (It is in rough shape) they were asking for 100k. 1 mile radius comps gives an ARV of 266k.

      I need someone to assign it to, I’m freaking out. Advice please, I’ve put it out there in the ‘investors fb group.’ Due diligence begins today.

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        Eli sounds promising. Send it to me through the app if you can to my email and or better Text to my critical support phone 512-784-9051

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      Nice! Good luck!

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      good luck Elisabeth. What state is this deal in?

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      Thanks Matthew,
      The house is in Atlanta.
      But it is rough man.
      I’m considering changing the offer (it’s signed, but not finalized) I’m thinking of changing the terms to 15 cash, (obviously with title being clean) and assigning it. That is how rough it is. I’ve got time, still looking around for people interested in it.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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