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      So under this Topic we will post links to videos answering questions from meetings that may have been missed in the chat or the comment area under recorded meeting. This way if you watched the video after it was created and or you revisited and posted a question in the comments area below I can circle back and answer all of the questions in a video and post here.

      Some people purposely will watch a video later rather than live so they can watch at a little higher rate of speed and save time. This is accomplished in the YouTube setting that offer speed of 1.25 x up to 2x speed.

      Content will appear below as it is generated:

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      Do these posts have a character limit? I’ve tried posting twice and nothing is showing up..but this little sentence does

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      Im gonna split up my message then..
      Tom, I was in Edgewater NJ yesterday about an hr from where I live.

      I ended up meeting a real estate agent who pointed me to a potential income property for sale.
      He sent over the information today

      It’s a 3 Residential 2 Commercial unit..
      He says in the next few years there will be 6-7 high rise buildings built and the property value will increase. Right now it’s producing income (appartently)
      My bottleneck is that I dont know what I dont know. Despite having your materials at the ready, I can only execute on my current level of understanding which at this point is very little.

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      But I want to alleviate any bottlenecks and one major one I’ve noticed is that I don’t have
      people to go to on the go for help and advice when I need it out in the field. I just have to wait for answers in the forum or for our live q&a’s (not your fault)

      I’d love for there to be a way we can ping each other efficiently and quickly on the go so that we don’t lose potential deals.
      As you say:

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      I’m dead serious about making this work, my success is inevitable and I’d rather have it sooner than later.
      So if anyone who’s really serious about this wants to JV, or chat about deals, help answer questions on the go please swap contact details with me:

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        Robert like you said “you don’t know what you don’t know”. As you , probably know, I say that often.

        Look you have had 1 out of 4 classes so of course your lacking knowledge.

        I have few people that are digging in before they know values and I already explained that’s a mistake.

        You have to pay your dues and learn first otherwise you are going to blow a deal not make a deal.

        If you do what I tell you to do and what is in the book you you’ll know exactly what to do.

        I am guilty of assembling stuff without looking at instructions first but often times I have to back, and look, and figure out what I did wrong because I didn’t read the instructions first.

        Stakes are high and I’m more concerned people will ruin an opportunity by approaching people before they know what they are doing.

        Maybe I’m learning here that I need to make this a two week course.

        Let me know Members how You feel about this? Speed it up?

        Thank You

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      Roberto Esposito
      FB: facebook(dot)com/robertoesposito1290
      IG: @robehhhhh
      Twitter: @GoSEOYourself
      LinkedIn https://www.linkedin(dot)com/in/njseoguy/

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      I use to live in Weehawken, NJ and am familiar with that area. No joke! I’ll hit you up tomorrow & connect us tomorrow to support each other.

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      Nice Hecmir. Looking forward to it.

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      Tom I agree with you.

      If there’s a fault in me, it’s my seeming impatience. doesn’t reflect on you.

      I think the 4 week course is just fine.

      Let me just finish step 1 before moving to step 2. Gotta finish reading your book lol.

      But I’m still out there everyday logging in properties on my app just to get a feel for getting out there.

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