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Robert like you said “you don’t know what you don’t know”. As you , probably know, I say that often.

Look you have had 1 out of 4 classes so of course your lacking knowledge.

I have few people that are digging in before they know values and I already explained that’s a mistake.

You have to pay your dues and learn first otherwise you are going to blow a deal not make a deal.

If you do what I tell you to do and what is in the book you you’ll know exactly what to do.

I am guilty of assembling stuff without looking at instructions first but often times I have to back, and look, and figure out what I did wrong because I didn’t read the instructions first.

Stakes are high and I’m more concerned people will ruin an opportunity by approaching people before they know what they are doing.

Maybe I’m learning here that I need to make this a two week course.

Let me know Members how You feel about this? Speed it up?

Thank You

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