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Hey there,
The owners of the very first house I bought, bought the lot next door and added a lot of value, the house next door also got a piece of that lot.
We bought the house in a small town in Nc where the prices are increasing. Like Tom had mentioned in a recent video, people are leaving the cities. Anyways, I sold the house when I moved to Ga. Worst decision. It was before getting into real estate. My husband actually wanted to hold on to it, I convinced him we should sell.
If you get a lot in between houses, definitely get it as low as possible to then sell to the neighbors.
If that lot hadn’t been divided to the house i bought and the neighbors, i don’t think someone would have built. The houses in that street are 1700-2200 sqft, large lots. No way a house could have been built there and looked good.

You can do it. Don’t talk yourself out of the possibilities.

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